Use Cases –
the Digital Twin in practice

How does the Digital Twin work in industrial practice? Concrete examples from the areas of global impact, smart manufacturing and asset compatibility provide you with valuable insights.

Use cases

Use cases

Submodels simplify data integration

Submodels simplify data integration

Value creation from data management

Value creation from data management

Working groups

Working groups

Competitivity – Sustainability – Circular eco – Decarb

Global Impact

Industrial Digital Twin Association
Digital Nameplate

It contains all product information in digital form, provides extended product services, can be updated at any time and dispenses with paper resources.

Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)

Calculation of the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of own and purchased products along the entire value chain.

Collaborative Condition Monitoring (CCM)

In the AI Real Lab at the SmartFactoryOWL in Lemgo, the discovery and secure sharing of data in multilateral corporate structures is being tested based on Gaia-X Federation Services and management shells.

Energy monitoring

Standardised submodels provide transparency about the energy consumption of a production at any time and enable the quick replacement of a device, without engineering effort.

Reduced complexity – Efficiency – Lifecycle Management

Smart Manufacturing

Industrial Digital Twin Association
WITTENSTEIN Service Portal

Seamless flow of information from supplier to customer and vice versa, for more efficiency in the value chain.

AAS-based Pilot Plant

Installation of an AAS-based system in two pilot plants as reference model.

R. STAHL Digital Nameplate

Implementation of the digital nameplate based on the Asset Administration Shell and nameplates in accordance with DIN SPEC 91406.

Lenze Asset Management System

Automatic, updateable integration of all content relating to machine components and assemblies in an asset management solution from the development phase of a machine.

Interoperability – Services – Efficiency

Asset compatibility

Industrial Digital Twin Association
Asset Onboarding

Remote commissioning of plants, (semi)automatic onboarding and initialisation of a Digital Twin in the Asset Management System.

Drives 4.0 Demonstrator

Cooperation between manufacturers of electric drives: For the first time, the interoperability of electric drives is demonstrated in a practical application using the management shell.

Open Industrie 4.0 Sensor Demonstrator

The Asset Administration Shell provides all relevant data of sensors over the entire life cycle in standardized formats in a machine-readable format.