Creating AAS submodel templates

Submodels constitute the content of the Asset Administration Shell. They describe content related or functional aspects of an asset. Start the process of developing your own submodel template here.


Achieving a standardised Digital Twin together!

You would like to specify aspects of your Digital Twin as a submodel?
The IDTA is the right place to get started. This is where the industry develops. The so-called Public Track is open to the entire industry and is not bound to membership.


Development of an IDTA submodel template

The registration of submodels follows a defined procedure in several stages.

The complete process from request to the finished submodel can be found here.

Infografik zum Process-Description-Registration-AAS-Submodel
I agree that the partial model will be made public
I agree that my personal data provided will be processed and stored for communication in the matter I have requested in accordance with the information in the privacy policy. My request may be forwarded to members of IDTA to enable the development process of the submodel. I can revoke my consent to the use of my personal data at any time with immediate effect.


Create your IDTA submodel template

The preparation is carried out according to a defined process, which is based on the established processes of standardisation.

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