3 Questions to Oliver Hillermeier on the Submodel Handover Documentation

The Submodel Template of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) „IDTA 02004-1-2 Handover Documentation“ has been published by IDTA. Architect of the Submodel Oliver Hillermeier (SAP) provides information on the application fields and benefits of the Submodel in an interview.

What is made possible with the application of the submodel?

With the submodel „Handover Documenation“, it is now possible to hand over any type of document that is provided with the asset digitally with standardised metadata in the context of the Asset Administration Shell and to classify it in a standardised way. The metadata as well as the document classes are based on the VDI 2770 Part 1 guideline. Documents can include, for example, certificates, technical specifications, spare parts lists, operating instructions or maintenance instructions for an asset. Metadata of a document is, for example, the document name, the document version, the document class or the language of a document.

The semantic definition of metadata has been defined using the ECLASS Dictionary and is thus standardised. With this standardised handover format for documents, it is now possible to build an interface to transfer digital documents for acquired products into your own infrastructure. These can be, for example, ERP, asset management, document management systems or Digital Twin repositories.

What is the benefit of this submodel?

The standardised handover format via Asset Administration Shell in combination with the submodel reduces the effort for the creation as well as for the digital processing of documents on the manufacturer and operator side of an asset. In addition, the digital transfer of documentation results in enormous paper savings, which have a positive effect on the environmental balance of the asset.

Another important effect of the standardised classification and thus storage of all documents relating to purchased assets is the quick retrieval of documents when required.

The submodel (metadata and document classes) is based on the VDI guideline VDI 2770 part 1, published in 2020.

To whom is the submodel relevant?

The Handover Documentation submodel is a central submodel that plays a role across almost all asset categories. The submodel is therefore relevant for all manufacturers who want to or are obliged to hand over documentation or documents with their sold assets. When a physical asset is transferred from the manufacturer to the operator, it can be assumed that a Digital Twin or an Asset Administration Shell with the Handover Documentation submodel is always submitted.

Short Facts on the Handover Documatation submodel:

Submodell: IDTA 02004-1-2 Handover Documentation

Companies involved: BASF, Class.Ing, Festo, Harting, ifm, KUKA, Murrelektronik, SAP, SICK

Working time: 18 months

Aim: Automation and simplification of the handover of manufacturer documentation

Target group: All manufacturers and operators of assets

Use Case: Standardised transfer of manufacturer documentation to the operator of an asset