Defined parameter suitable for the description and differentiation of assets

Note 1: The concept of type and instance applies to properties.

Note 2: This definition applies to properties such as described in IEC 61360/ ISO 13584-42.

Note 3: The property types are defined in dictionaries (like IEC Component Data Dictionary (CDD) or ecl@ss), they do not have a value. The property type is also called data element type in some standards.

Note 4: The property instances have a value and they are provided by the manufacturers. A property instance is also called property-value pair in certain standards.

Note 5: A property describes one characteristic of a given object.

Note 6: A property can have attributes such as code, version, and revision.

Note 7: The specification of a property may include predefined choices of values.


  • ISO/IEC Guide 77-2 (adapted)