Classification of communication & presentation (CP)

Classification of communication & presentation (CP)

Classification of communication and identification capability

Note: Because the capability to communicate and the degree of familiarity recognized are so important (communication and presentation-CP), the membership of an element in its respective class can be expressed by a combined CP/numeric notation. A notation of this kind has proved itself useful in the field of IP protection classes, for example.


Communication capability (X-digit)

  • 4 – capable of I4.0 conform communication
  • 3 – capable of active communication
  • 2 – capable of passive communication
  • 1 – not capable of communication

Degree of familiarity (Y-digit)

  • 4 – managed as entity
  • 3 – individually known
  • 2 – anonymously known
  • 1 – unknown

Example: CP33, for example, corresponds to an individually known component actively capable of communication – in other words, for example, a classic Profibus field device. A safety container which is monitored and managed throughout its life cycle but has no ability to communicate would come under CP class CP14.